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Laser Rental

Laserworld holds a large rental pool with more than 100 laser light projectors – exclusively high end systems. These rental devices of the tarm, RTI PIKO and RTI NANO Series cover a power range from over 3’500 up to almost 30’000mW. All laser systems are manufactured by Laserworld’s subsidiary RTI in Germany and therefore ensure high quality standards. Beside laser light systems we also rent out Hard- and Software, Controller and Accessories as fog, haze and wind machines. Thus, we are able to assure intuitive handling and the creation of fascinating laser light and multimedia shows. We offer everything you need for an enthralling laser show. Our laser light devices stand out due to their flexible application possibilities – whether touring, outdoor or indoor events or similar professional implementations.

All our systems are

  • air-cooled, no additional water-cooling is necessary
  • compact in size and lightweight
  • built dustproof according to the Sealed Housing Technology(reduced maintenance effort)
  • equipped with an ILDA interface for computer control
  • easily operated via the Remote Pad (setting of scanning parameters and color balance)

Our rental service affords fast and worldwide shipment and handles delivery before and pick-up service at the end of your event. We offer the option of “dry hire” (rental of laser systems, etc. without operator), but also provide qualified operators. We are glad to advice customers on the suitable laser light systems for their event. Find detailed information in our rental brochure or our rental pricelist.

Or contact our experts:

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