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Laser and multimedia shows

syndicate 2017Besides sales and hire of show laser systems Laserworld and its subsidiaries and partners also stand for highly professional laser shows. We arrange numerous laser and multimedia projects and installations around the world. A laser show is an extraordinary event which captures the spectators and - through beams piercing through the crowd – integrates them into the event.

There are many different ways and possibilities in running a laser show. Mostly beam shows run in combination with music or sounds as well as fog or hace. Music intensifies feelings and emotions of the colors and the moves of the laser beams. At the same time music events, concerts etc. can be supported by laser beams as beam colors and the motion speed of the laser beams can be synchronized according to the music. There are many different ways of using lasers at shows: the combination of show laser lights and music is. In order to make your event inimitably, Laserworld provides individual designed laser show solutions. Each show is perfectly customized according to the event’s and client’s requirements.

Multimedia shows with laser lights and further effects like sounds, pyrotechnics, lightings, water, fog and hace as well as different projection surfaces are very popular too.


Laser Show Service

lake constanceLaserworld (Switzerland) AG and its subsidiaries and partners provides highly divers multimedia shows and various effect combinations according to customer's requirements.
Laser shows don't need to be pure beam shows. In addition to it there are also laser projection shows, which can be run as own shows or in combination with a beam show. The difference between beam shows (whereby the laser beams get projected towards the audience) and projection shows is that projection shows need a projection surface like screens, walls, hills or mountains, water or another surface, displaying grapics .

The kinds of events where laser shows can be shown, ist very versatile. A few examples for laser shows, provided by Laserworld (Switzerland) AG and Its partners is shown below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need some more information or have special wishes. We can help you and we will color your event!


There are different types of laser shows:

1. Individual laser show solutions (time coded):

  • Conception of the show (storybook)
  • Setting of the stage and scenes together with the customer
  • Health and Safety consulting
  • Respecting different media if requested, like video, fire, fog, pyro, and water effects
  • Drawing and programming of the laser show and additional effects
  • Set-up of the laser show equipment on site, or even building of whole stage if requested
  • Implementation of the whole timecoded lasershow / multimedia show

anakara2. Standardized preset laser show solutions (time coded):

  • General conception of the show and on site setup sketch
  • Selection of an existing lasershow from a show pool, together with the customer
  • Health and Safety consulting
  • Set-up of the laser show equipment on site, or even building of whole stage if requested
  • Implementation of the whole timecoded lasershow / multimedia show

3. Individual live laser performance (e.g. together with a live DJ Set or Live Music):

  • General conception of the show and on site setup sketch
  • Health and Safety consulting
  • Set-up of the laser show equipment on site, or even building of whole stage if requested
  • Live-Laser-Operation during the show


Our laser show event examples:

There is a multitude of possible applications lasers can be used for.
Free your mind for new and exciting ideas:

lakefest austria

  • Sporting Event
  • Club / Disco
  • Outdoor
  • Concert
  • Special Event
  • Multimedia laser show
  • Company Event
  • Opening
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Birthday


Installation and on site implementation 

The enormous worldwide customer network enables Laserworld to offer every kind of services and support regarding laser and similar systems. As full-service provider we not only sell show laser system with Lowest Price Guarantee, but also offer great deals for additional services and offers.

yanan temple

  • Consulting services regarding selection of appropriate laser systems
  • Laser- and light design consulting
  • Installation services for laser systems
  • Safety certifications and assessments (in Europe and worldwide)
  • Maintenance and service of installed laser systems


The optimal equipment for your projekt

All our partners think and work in multi media: Not only the Laserworld showlaser systems are integrated in their shows, but also video projections, water fountains, water screens, fog, haze, pyrotechnics, fireworks, etc. The approach to multimedia as done in a whole to provide the spectators an overwhelming, emotionalizing feeling when experiencing the show.  
Lasershows are an important part of modern multimedia concepts and our partners rely on the products of RTI, mainly on the NANO projectors series. These are perfect for outdoor use, as they are IP65 waterproof and thus seamlessly work in water spray or next to fog and haze machines. Therefore they stand for high power, quality and excellent technical specifications.



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