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Laser Divergence Calculator


Laser Divergence Calculator - divergence matters: Beam behavior over distance

The beam divergence describes the widening of the beam over the distance. It is defined in milli-radiant (mrad), which usually describes a part of the circumcircle.

Generally spoken, it is best to have a divergence as small as possible.

The beam divergence is in direct relation to the beam size at aperture: By increasing the beam size at the aperture it is possible to reduce the divergence - and vice versa. This is possible to a certain extent, depending on the technology.

To see the importance of the beam divergence, please make some example calculations with our divergence calculator - you can clearly see the importance if the distance is increased:



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Divergence [mrad]:
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Diameter at aperture [mm]:

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Value definition: Laser 1: Laser 2:
Beam diametre after m: mm mm
Area of laser point after m: mm2 mm2
Laser intensity after m: mW/mm2 mW/mm2

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